Mark Borkowski

A self-confessed university drop-out and failed pork pie salesman, Mark Borkowski began his media career as a grass-roots theatre promoter, using his nose for a good story and solid business nous to develop narratives that would grab the attention of people the world over.

Since his early days, Mark has constantly reinvented and adapted his business models to meet the demands of the ever-changing world of communications. Mark’s career has seen him successfully position, establish, consolidate and manage a breathtaking range of major product and entertainment brands and earned him international recognition as a thought leader and innovator, ranking alongside, Alistair Campbell and Tim Bell in PR
Week’s list of the 25 influential figures in the industry.

An enthusiastic technology advocate, Mark’s avant-garde vision brings unique, insightful and creative communications solutions to the Now
Economy, via a targeted, creative, and innovative blend of both traditional and new media strategies and tactics, with special attention to crisis and reputation management.
Clients consistently reap the marketing benefits of his strategic thinking, creative vision and thought leadership, as well as his creative vision and instinctive understanding of the zeitgeist of the era.

His signature approach is to embrace the chaos, infusing the life and energy of the maverick into the corporate world. He has brought this unique style to some of the world’s biggest corporate and creative names, crafting creative campaigns, as well as providing tactical, strategic brand advice to brands such as Royal Mint, UMG. Offcom, Sony, Vodafone, Eurostar, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, O2, and Ikea

He has a broad and deep network of international media connections, and is a sought-after and highly visible commentator on PR and media
matters. At the prestigious TEDx Warsaw in 2013, Mark spoke about the potentially nefarious effects of Google information curation. He is
also a regular contributor to UK outlets including Newsnight, BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, and Media Show, The Guardian, The
Independent, The Observer and The Huffington Post. He is also a well-respected keynote speaker.

He lectures around the world as a leading thinker and authored a BBC3 series “How the War was Spun.” Mark’s blog, rated as one of the top PR
blogs in the UK by Cision, provides influential insight into some of the real issues behind celebrity, corporate and brand stories in the media.

Mark has authored two books, “The Art of the Publicity Stunt” and “The Fame Formula”, on the history of Hollywood’s great publicists.
Away from the madness of work, Mark is a frustrated Chelsea supporter, and is most happy when at home in the Cotswolds with his wife, two
sons, dogs, an interesting cat called Steve and his personal museum of hype.



‘Savage creatures and vile passions; the lessons of communication by contagion’
(Persuasive arguments manipulated for profit and power from PT Barnum to Al Qaeda )

In his talk, Mark Borkowski explores the historical perceptive of engagement. Are there any new rules or are they all the old ones that have been retooled?

This thought-provoking talk explores the history of power and persuasion in the media.

Digital is the most over-used word in the vocabulary of advertising, media and marketing experts. Define digital? Is it online? Is it technology? How closely does the 24-hour news media we are exposed to everyday reflect the reality of what is happening in our societies? Identity, persona, essence and promise,are the new benchmarks.

Mark argues that today’s digital landscape requires a reinvention of PR around collaborative conversations that afford the story more global reach. This calls for harnessing the power of the crowd, but how do you effectively motivate people?

Borkowski attempts to show how to reinvent PR around collaborative conversations with traditional and new influencers, to succeed in the new environment and to win back the disillusioned.

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