Chinwag Psych London 2014

Behavioural Science for Business.
Psychology, Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics. Applied.

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Thu, 15 May 2014

Starting at 9am


London, UK

Museum of London

Inside Chinwag Psych London

Chinwag Psych is a full day conference covering psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics and more.

The 2013 event has now finished, watch the sessions on our YouTube channel. Don't forget to follow @ChinwagPsych on Twitter, or join our Google+ community to carry on the conversation.

Our mission is to examine these rapidly changing disciplines and explore how they can be applied to business. From practical psychology-based case studies to bleeding edge neuroscience, there will be thought-provoking presentations, panel sessions, informed Q & A plus plenty of time for networking.

Chinwag Psych 2014 will cover four key themes: persuade, analyse, optimise and anticipate.


Unlock the drivers that subconsciously influence your audience’s behaviour.

The big question
Do you know what makes your customers tick? How can you be more persuasive?

The research
Recent research suggests that of the 11 million signals our senses gather at any given moment, we only consciously process about 40 of them. The rest are dealt with subconsciously.

Aside from smashing cherished notions of free will, it suggests that to be more persuasive and effective online, you must understand the subconscious influences that shape and drive us.

Do you want to be more persuasive?
This session will show you how to explore and exploit the hidden world of persuasion and become more effective online.


Understand your customers' choices and you’re influencing them.

The big question
When you’re designing a user’s experience, how do you know what’s working?

The research
Psychologists and behavioural economists have long known that when it comes to decision-making, irrationality rules.

From Kahneman and Cialdini to Ariely and Pink, research shows that if we want to know what’s influencing the choices we make, we have to dig deeper, into the hidden layers beyond the rational mind.

Do you want to understand your customers better?
This session investigates how you’re shaping your customers’ behaviours, and how you can determine what really works.


Learn how you can increase your leads, conversions, and sales.

The big question
How can you optimise your current approach to get the results you want?

The research
Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It's time to join the tiny tribe of the (marginally) sane.

A large body of cognitive science research shows that expertise is based not only on your ability to apply and adapt your plans to each situation’s unique demands, but also to reflect on your own cognitive processes while doing so.

To be an expert -and to get results - you must adapt, understand and optimise.

Do you want to increase conversion?
This session focuses on increasing your success rate - whether you’re looking to boost sales, reach more people or optimise the user experience.


Discover the emerging trends, tech and ways of thinking that are shaping your future.

The big question
What’s next, and how can I be a part of it?

The research
Hoverboards and flying DeLoreans never happened.

A.I, big data and predictive tech did.

We're dedicating serious time to unboxing these new toys and asking if they work.

Will big data offer us highly personalised services, or will it be used to as a tool for detailed discrimination? Or are the benefits of giant datasets just statistical sourcery?

Will A.I. help streamline our lives or replace the need for real human contact (and real human sex)?

And will Google soon be patrolling our streets with military robots?!

Do you want to understand what's next?
You want to know about the cutting edge research, tech and trends that shapes our world - and you want to be a part of it.


Hear from the experts applying the latest thinking in psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to real-life business challenges.


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