Ed Weatherall

Ed Weatherall is Client Director at VisualDNA, a company that’s completely changing the way businesses understand their customers online.

VisualDNA blends psychometric, demographic, behavioural and transactional data to show why people do things, not just what they do.

Weatherall is responsible for helping companies understand their online audiences based on their personality, to optimise marketing spend. At VisualDNA his professional focus is to deliver business value from marketing and customer data.


Predict customer behaviour by understanding their personality

We can determine any customer’s psychometric traits and predict how they’ll affect future behaviour, from their propensity to shop with you to repaying a loan. VisualDNA is Psychology at scale, Consumers have completed over 40 Million personality quizzes and we track behaviour over billions of web pages every month. This is an opportunity to see why VisualDNA was recently identified as one of the UK’s top 5 tech companies to watch in the national press.

Posted May 06, 2014 in: by chinwag

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