Mark Adams

Since starting the worlds first social publishing company in the earliest days of the social networks, Mark has advised some of the worlds most well-known A-list celebrities and brands on how to rewire their businesses for the digital age. Mark represents a new generation of tech entrepreneurs in London and is a leading ambassador for East London’s start-up scene. Mark is one of the founders of a very stealthy new startup called theAudience, established alongside Sean Parker – the creator of Napster and founding president of Facebook; Oliver Luckett – the man responsible for making Disney a social media goliath and Ari Emanuel the CEO of WME – the largest A-list talent agency.

The company manages the social presence of several thousand A-list celebrity and brand clients ranging from the likes of Dove and H&M to Usher and Hugh Jackman. Now that theAudience is coming out of the shadows Mark is fast becoming a regular name on the global conference stage with over 50 panels and keynote presentations already scheduled for 2014. In these sessions he passionately shares insights, examples and opinions on how to (and not to) use new media to build brand love and land very successful campaigns.


Anatomy of the social organism

Mark Adams argues that social platforms are best modelled as a living and ever evolving social ecosystem that feeds on conductive content and rid itself of pollution and illness in the same way as an organism does. The 7 principles that underline this analogy help predict which social campaigns will work and which will flushed through the system with no take up.

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